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article summary May 2024

Outdoor Air Quality Alerts Across the Midwestern U.S. It Could Pollute the Indoors, Too

Sunset in a field, Ohio USA

Wildfire smoke can infiltrate the indoors. This is especially problematic for older buildings that are less airtight. As we spend most of our time time indoors, we are exposed to most of the "outdoor" pollution while...

article summary May 2024

For Indoor Air Quality Tech, What Happens When the Outdoor ‘Fresh Air’ Is Bad?

Valley of windmills

The pandemic forced buildings to improve ventilation, bringing in more outdoor air. This can be expensive and not ideal during wildfires or cold weather. New technologies are emerging to...

article summary May 2024

Natural ventilation to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in existing homes: The development of health-based and context-specific user guidelines

Open window, letting fresh air into a home

Considering the existing built environment and the need to conserve energy (embodied as well as consumed), maximizing the benefits of natural ventilation makes a lot of sense...

article summary May 2024

Cooking with gas can lead to high NO2

Gas stovetop

Gas ranges offer more responsive heat control to stir fry our veggies, so we should all use gas to cook with, right? Well, hang on a minute… As we at AirGuard keep saying… watch out for pollution indoors, where we all spend most of our time...

article summary May 2024

Using smart IoT sensors in schools to monitor IAQ/IEQ

Kids in a classroom

We must have missed this scandal, but certain US schools have been using sensors to check school areas for vaping (!). Now, many of those schools have come to their senses (pun intended) and will be using the same “smart” sensors to identify and address...

article summary May 2024

New Brunswick is dragging its feet

New Brunswick, Canada

In June 2023, the provincial legislature in New Brunswick unanimously approved an Opposition Motion to update its Clean Air Act. However, the government has just announced it will not improve on the original 1997 Act...

article summary April 2024

Advancing Laboratory Safety: The Evolution Towards Dynamic Air Quality Control

Scientist working in a laboratory

This text describes a new approach to laboratory air quality control, called Demand-Based Control (DBC). Traditionally, labs maintained a fixed high air change rate (ACH) to ensure safety, which was expensive and inefficient...

article summary April 2024

Indoor Air Quality - Addressing a Public Health Issue On the Rise

Smog visible in the air over a city skyline

Only 4% of countries met WHO's air quality standards in 2023. Both outdoor (wildfires) and indoor (building materials) factors contribute to air pollution. Exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) linked to respiratory illnesses and even death...

article summary April 2024

In Photos - First-ever 'living air purifier' to combat indoor pollution

Indoor house plants

Neoplants, a bioengineering company, created the world's first "living air purifier" called Neo Px. It uses a pothos plant and specially engineered bacteria to capture and eliminate indoor pollutants...

article summary April 2024

Feds launch indoor air quality research program

Birds eye view of many AHU units on top of a commercial building

The BREATHE program aims to improve indoor air quality nationwide by creating smart buildings that continuously monitor and enhance air quality. ARPA-H, a funding agency for health research, is launching this initiative to address...

article summary April 2024

Effort for better air quality in CT schools gets bipartisan support

School kids in a classroom

Efforts in Connecticut are underway to address poor air quality in schools, impacting learning and health. A proposed bill aims to inspect 20% of school districts yearly until...

article summary April 2024

Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality is a Balancing Act

Outdoor ventilation pipes

Maintaining good indoor air quality is crucial for facility managers. Indoor air can become polluted from various sources, including finishing materials. A balance needs to be achieved between IAQ, energy consumption...

article summary April 2024

How to improve your indoor air quality at home

A modern kitchen

Follow these tips to improve your indoor air quality at home, including saying goodbye to pollution sources like candles and air fresheners. Vacuum frequently, reduce dust, and use less-polluting cleaning products...

article summary April 2024

It threatens us all: How dirty air became the world’s silent killer

Air pollution in a city - Shanghai.

Air pollution is a major global problem, causing more deaths than AIDS and malaria combined. Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable; 60 per cent of the air pollution-related deaths that occurred in 2019 were among children under...

article summary April 2024

2024 Air Quality Awareness Week Toolkit

Power station emitting smoke.

The US Environmental Protection Agency hosts Air Quality Awareness Week (AQAW) from May 6th to 10th, 2024. This year's theme is "Knowing Your Air". The week coincides with World Asthma Day and aims to educate people about air quality and its impact on health...

article summary April 2024

Older Office Buildings Adopt Open Protocol Systems For Energy Efficiency

Singapore skyline.

Office building owners in Singapore are increasingly adopting **open protocol systems** for energy management, integrating new energy systems with older infrastructure to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact. These open protocols facilitate easy...

article summary April 2024

How Central Heating Changed Everything About Our Homes

A radiator in a home.

Central heating revolutionized how people lived by ensuring consistent warmth throughout homes. This shift, starting in the late 1970s, led to increased expectations of comfort and transformed living spaces. Central heating not only improved living conditions but...

article summary April 2024

The Not so Silent Office Productivity Killer

Office workspace.

Noise can be a significant productivity killer in office environments. A survey reveals that distractions from noise, especially conversations, can impact productivity, with men being affected more than women...

article summary April 2024

Is It Possible For An Office To Be Too Quiet?

Plain white wall with clock on the wall.

Communication barriers, decreased productivity, and lack of creativity are the potential negative effects of a completely silent office environment. Hence, progressive firms implement solutions...

article summary March 2024

Selling Whole-Home Humidification


Whole-home humidifiers are gaining popularity due to health and comfort benefits. They integrate with existing HVAC systems and improve indoor air quality by reducing static electricity, allergies...

article summary March 2024

Survey Reveals Disparities In IAQ Prioritization In K-12 Schools

Empty school hallway.

A survey of K-12 educators found a gap between teachers and school administrators on indoor air quality (IAQ) prioritization. While 96% of teachers linked good IAQ to student performance...

article summary March 2024

Low-cost sensor-based investigation of CO2 and volatile organic compounds in classrooms: Exploring dynamics, ventilation effects and perceived air quality relations

Classroom scene.

This study examined classroom air quality (CAQ) and found high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) alongside CO2. VOCs increased with occupancy and insufficient ventilation...

article summary March 2024

Air Quality Monitor Market size to grow by USD 2 billion from 2022-2027

Market trend.

The global air quality monitor market size is estimated to grow by USD 2 billion from 2022 to 2027, according to Technavio. The market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.99% during the forecast period...

article summary March 2024

You may be breathing in more tiny nanoparticles from your gas stove than from car exhaust

A gas stove with pots and pans heating.

A Purdue University study found cooking with gas stoves emits tiny nanoparticles, potentially linked to asthma and other respiratory illnesses. These particles are smaller than 3 nanometers, making them difficult...

article summary March 2024

How vaping has an unhealthy impact on indoor air quality

A guy sitting at a bar table vaping.

Vaping, despite being marketed as a "safer" alternative to smoking, negatively impacts indoor air quality. The key culprit is particulate matter (PM), especially the fine PM2.5, which reaches harmful levels similar...

article summary March 2024

Indoor Air Quality: Out Of The Shadows, But Still On The Back Burner

A cafe with a sign saying Fresh Air I Miss You

A recent report by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) highlights the health risks of indoor air pollution, particularly fine particulate matter (PM2.5). While the report is valuable...

article summary March 2024

EPA has tightened its target for deadly particle pollution − states need more tools to reach it

Cows in a field

The EPA recently tightened the air quality standard for fine particulate matter (PM2.5), impacting millions in violation areas. While this stricter standard is beneficial...

article summary March 2024

Chronic exposure to air pollution may increase risk of cardiovascular hospitalization among seniors

Close up of elderly man staring into the distance

A Harvard study found chronic exposure to fine air pollutants (PM2.5) increases seniors' risk of heart disease hospitalization. Examining data from 60 million people...

article summary March 2024

Air Pollution Is a Creeping Tax on American Life

New York Scene showing USA flag hanging from a building

Air pollution worsening due to climate change, posing a hidden but high cost...

article summary February 2024

DIY Tips for Better Home Air Quality: Simple Steps for a Healthier Environment

Healthy homes need healthy air! Pollutants lurk indoors, harming your lungs and well-being. But fear not! DIY solutions are here...

article summary February 2024

Indoor Air Pollution: A Silent Threat to Child Growth in Ethiopia

Ethiopian study links indoor air pollution to stunted children, highlighting a global issue. The situation is attacked with education & awareness campaigns, kitchen ventilation improvements, and policy changes to combat this invisible threat...

article summary February 2024

Avoid complacency as Hong Kong air pollution creeps back

According to the latest air quality report (AQR) released by Hong Kong's Environmental Protection Department, air pollution returned to “normal levels” last year. Even though pollutants such as respirable suspended particulates...

article summary February 2024

EPA Establishes Stricter Air Quality Standard

U.S. EPA tightens soot, i.e. particulate matter "PM2.5", pollution limits, expecting major health benefits. New EPA standard aims to prevent 4,500 premature deaths and billions in healthcare...

article summary February 2024

Is the heating giving me a headache?

Winter woes like headaches and coughs might not be solely due to germs. Dry, heated indoor air can worsen symptoms. Irritations can be triggered by:...

article summary February 2024

Pollution can also be air-conditioned: Concern over air quality inside offices

Study finds: Despite air conditioning, 2/3 of the office buildings included in the study had CO2 levels above ideal, some double or triple the threshold. Moren than 1/3 of the studied buildings also exceeded PM2.5 and formaldehyde limits...

article summary February 2024

41% of the Indian population still relies on biomass for cooking, emitting 340 million tonnes of CO2

Quoting from a recent study entitled "India's Transition to E-cooking" by the independent think tank Centre for Science and Environment, we learn that 41% of the Indian population still uses wood, cow dung or other biomass...

article summary February 2024

Major research begins into ‘non-ideal’ operation of wood burners

As current estimates of how much wood burners contribute to air pollution are based around their use in optimal conditions, researchers from the Universities of Manchester and York and the National Centre for Atmospheric Science have started a six week study to measure emissions from...

article summary February 2024

The International Code Council Completes Draft Carbon Emissions Evaluation Standard

ATLANTA (February 2, 2024) ASHRAE and the International Code Council (ICC) announced the release of the full publication public review draft of a proposed joint standard for the evaluation and documentation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across a building’s life cycle...

article summary January 2024

What’s Indoor Air Quality Like in Long-Term Care Facilities During Wildfires? Worse Than You’d Think.

Excessive levels of particulate matter ("PM"), e.g. due to wildfire smoke, pose a major health threat to nursing home residents who are already vulnerable due to respiratory and cardiac conditions. Research shows alarming levels of smoke infiltration into such facilities despite being indoors...

article summary January 2024

Airborne Particulate Matter Filtration Using Non-Thermal Plasma Air Purification

Indoor air pollution from tiny particles ("particulate matter"), a hidden health threat, is being tackled by a game-changer: non-thermal plasma air purification. Results from experiments indicate a potential replacement of the HEPA filters. This system removes harmful particles using electric fields, achieving HEPA-like efficiency (99.95%!) for most sizes. It shines compared with HEPA-filters due to a substantially lower energy consumption...

article summary January 2024

Beyond Breathing: Chemicals absorb through skin, too.

Even common household items like plastics, furniture, and cleaning products emit chemicals that pollute indoor air. These "semi-volatile" chemicals can not only be inhaled and ingested, but alarmingly, they can also directly penetrate our skin...

article summary January 2024

Fresh Air, Happy Diners: Why Restaurants Must Prioritize IAQ

IAQ is the new secret ingredient restaurants need to master. It's not just about keeping customers comfortable, it's about their health, your staff's well-being, and even saving the planet. Poor air quality means irritated diners, increased employee absences, and a potential hygiene nightmare. Think allergy attacks, headaches, and even higher respiratory illness rates...

article summary January 2024

CES Whispers Tech's Clean Air Promise

A CES trek revealed tech's air quality ambitions, but not without caveats. Sensor boom fizzled, leaving air filtration as the star product, albeit a basic one. VOCs, indoor pollution's elusive foe, lack convincing fixes...

article summary January 2024

Gas vs. Induction: Should You switch or stay?

Are gas stoves health hazards in disguise? A deep dive into gas vs. induction revealed some disturbing truths. Cooking with gas sends plumes of harmful pollutants, including NO2 and PM2.5...

article summary January 2024

Is Your Bedroom Stealing Your Sleep?

Think your bedroom is just a place to crash after a long day? Think again. New research reveals that the quality of your sleep environment, or indoor environmental quality (IEQ), plays a major role in your health and well-being.

article summary January 2024

Sick Schools, Sick Students: Why Our Classrooms Need an Indoor Air Quality Overhaul

America's school buildings are crumbling, with stale air thick with mold, chemicals, and viruses. Extreme temperatures bake classrooms, triggering heat exhaustion and disrupting learning. This neglected infrastructure...

report summary January 2024

Indoor air quality worse than outdoors for most of the world

Dyson's report reveals indoor air quality is worse than outdoors for most of the world. 85% of studied countries had indoor PM2.5 levels exceeding WHO guidelines for over 6 months in 2020

article summary January 2024

Ambient Intelligence, the Future of the Smart Office

How people use technologies in the future is likely to involve ambient computing, a world where there is no need for conscious interaction as billions of devices will work invisibly in the background and only come to the fore when necessary.

Ambient computing is highly responsive and personalized to the needs, preferences, and environments of the end user.

article summary January 2024

Sick Building Syndrome

What is it? Sick building syndrome (SBS) is when people in a building experience health or comfort problems that seem linked to being there. While specific causes are unknown, symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and eye irritation are common.

article summary January 2024

The Sleep Deprivation You Don't Know You Have

We all know sleep is essential for our health. But did you know that elevated CO2 levels in your bedroom can disrupt your sleep cycle, leaving you feeling tired and unproductive? A common misconception is that split Air Conditioners bring in fresh outdoor air. That's not true. They merely circulate it, which may be good to conserve energy, but does nothing to reduce CO2 levels. Quite the opposite.

We have attached a link to an article on the impact of increased CO2 levels on sleep quality that you may find interesting.

Schedule a Demo with AirGuard to learn more about the hidden dangers of indoor air pollution and how we can help you and your coworkers breathe easy.

article summary January 2024

Breathe Better, Think Sharper

Increasing ventilation rates in buildings significantly improves occupant health and productivity, outweighing the associated energy and environmental costs.

We have attached a link to an article on the Implications of Enhanced Ventilation in Office Buildings that you may find interesting.