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A client eliminated $5.56 million USD of waste.

AirGuard’s Indoor Air Quality management program helped a client save 84% in cost, and maintain business continuity.

Your blueprint for successful sensor deployments.

AirGuard's sensor systems are a turn-key solution to all air quality monitoring needs. From planning, installation, monitoring and maintenance - we take care of it all.

Using LoRaWAN and NBIoT technologies, we provide a non-intrusive system that securely operates independently from your building's WiFi network, removing any chance of unwanted disruption.

Faster Deployments

The entire sensor deployment cycle can be handled by us. From site drawings and planning, to sensor installation, we'll make it easy for you to quickly implement your solutions effectively.

Centralized Monitoring

IoT technology enables centralized monitoring and control of building systems, where building managers can access data remotely, monitor energy consumption, analyze trends, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Scalability & Flexibility

Old BMS's often lack these abilities, making it challenging to accommodate future upgrades or changes in building requirements. Our solution allows for the integration of additional devices and sensors as needed.

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AirGuard is an indoor air management company, based in Hong Kong, that specialises in measuring and monitoring indoor air quality and also deactivating airborne bacteria and viruses - so providing a safe indoor environment for everyone, everywhere.

  • Measure

    We install a network of state-of-the-art IoT sensors throughout the space, continuously sampling the indoor air quality to highlight any potential issues.

  • Mitigate

    Upon the initial data analysis, we will provide a detailed preliminary report on your indoor air quality and any personalised solutions we see fit for your space. This may include the deployment of our Active Germ Suppression Units (AGS).

  • Manage

    Your indoor air will be continuously monitored for changes or sub-optimal indoor air quality. These data will be visualised on a dashboard display to which you will have full access, or in the form of a customer-facing kiosk display.


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