Indoor Air
Quality Sensor

A modular, customizable & battery-powered sensor designed to continuously collect accurate and meaningful data on the indoor environment.

Designed to meet WELL v2 standards, the sensor can sample up to 9 key parameters and pollutants.

Relative Humidity
Carbon Monoxide
Hydrogen Sulfide
Nitrogen Dioxide

Battery Powered

With up to 3.5 years of juice, the sensor can be easily installed anywhere without the need for professional help or complicated wiring - reducing costs.

Modular Components

The sensor components can be swapped out to meet requirements for the space or when accuracy is floating.
Tell us what parameters you need, and we'll supply a custom number of sensors.

Using LoRaWAN & NBIoT

Using the latest in IoT technologies, the sensors operate on a closed network without the use of the building's WiFi network. They can be deployed at great distances from the gateway and maintain strong signal strength with minimal interruptions.

Minimal Design

Inconspicuous, but important. The sensor can blend into any space without attracting too much attention. But if visibility is key for your deployment, we can work to customize the casing.

Your blueprint for successful sensor deployments.

AirGuard's sensor systems are a turn-key solution to all air quality monitoring needs. From planning, installation, monitoring and maintenance - we take care of it all.

Using LoRaWAN and NBIoT technologies, we provide a non-intrusive system that securely operates independently from your building's WiFi network, removing any chance of unwanted disruption.

Faster Deployments

The entire sensor deployment cycle can be handled by us. From site drawings and planning, to sensor installation, we'll make it easy for you to quickly implement your solutions effectively.

Centralized Monitoring

IoT technology enables centralized monitoring and control of building systems, where building managers can access data remotely, monitor energy consumption, analyze trends, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Scalability & Flexibility

Old BMS's often lack these abilities, making it challenging to accommodate future upgrades or changes in building requirements. Our solution allows for the integration of additional devices and sensors as needed.

Real time IAQ monitoring. Making the invisible, visible.

View your indoor air quality in real-time and query historical trends in your data. Make it easy to identify problems quickly and pinpoint specific areas of concern.

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