Create a safe and healthy space for everyone.

Utilizing continuous Indoor Environment Monitoring and our patented Active Germ Suppression technology - at AirGuard we strive to help create optimal indoor environments for productivity and occupant wellness.

Get WELL Certified.

Let us guide you and provide continuous monitoring of your indoor air to gain valuable points towards well-renowned building certification standards such as WELL, RESET and LEED.


A recent study found that the percentage of sick days taken attributed to poor IAQ was determined to be around 57%. Costing companies millions as a result.

A client experienced 84% in cost savings by using AirGuard's fully integrated IAQ services to maintain employee safety and productivity standards.

Active Germ Suppression (AGS)

In contrast to stationary HEPA filters, which we regard as “passive” technology, our AGS technology employs carefully calibrated floor-standing machines or central Air Handling Units to atomize our solution into the air, where the tiny particles remain suspended within the air.

Our patented liquid technology is atomized into the air via our AGS systems, decactivating pathogens and viruses upon contact. Therefore, actively suppressing harmful particles as opposed to relying on passive filters.

EN 1276 2019
ASTM E2315 - 16
Inactivation of Coronavirus
Sub-chronic Inhalation Toxicity
Acute Toxicity
Toxicology Screening

Using Nobel Prize winning ingredients, this liquid solution has been in continuous use since 2006, and has passed repeated third-party tests for effectiveness against pathogens (including SARS-Cov-19) as well as safety for long-term human exposure

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