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Unveiling the Secret to Global Wellness: The Influential Role of IAQ in the Global Wellness Movement

Tony Leigh

Investor Relations

Raise your hand if you have heard of the Global Wellness Institute (GWI)! If not, get ready to become familiar with this powerhouse in the global wellness industry. Established in Miami, Florida in 2007, the GWI has quickly emerged as the leading resource for the global wellness industry, with a mission to provide cutting-edge research to promote disease prevention, stress reduction, and overall enhancement of people's quality of life. The GWI's latest report delves into the world's largest wellness economy, the United States, valued at a staggering USD1.8 trillion.

One particularly fascinating aspect highlighted by the GWI is the rise of Wellness Real Estate, forecasted to surpass all other sectors in the coming years. The exponential growth in wellness building accreditations, with nearly 2,600 projects certified by bodies such as WELL and Fitwel, is a clear indicator of the shifting focus towards human health and well-being in real estate development. Traditional green building certifications like LEED and BREAM are also adapting to include criteria related to indoor environments and occupant health.

While emphasizing the importance of outdoor recreational amenities and green spaces in fostering healthy communities, the GWI's 2023 report further underscores the pivotal role played by buildings and indoor air quality in spreading communicable diseases, This shift towards prioritizing healthy building features is set to become the new norm, especially in the commercial and office real estate sector.

In this landscape of evolving wellness standards, AirGuard stands out as a key player in data-driven IAQ and IEQ optimization. By offering state-of-the-art air quality sensors at competitive prices, AirGuard is dedicated to assisting companies of all sizes in their accreditation process. Whether aligning with existing BMS systems or utilizing our innovative OPUS III system, AirGuard is committed to helping businesses meet and exceed the new wellness building standards. Reach out to AirGuard today to explore how we can enhance your journey towards a healthier, wellness-centric environment.

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